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Rossi & Catelli

Rossi & Catelli was established in 1945 in a small workshop in Parma old town centre. The subsequent year, due to the huge amount of work, the company moved to Via Traversetolo premises, where it has kept on growing for sixty years with the implementation of important company expansions and technological innovations.

Until the beginning of the sixties the main activity is represented by the production of machines and complete lines for the tomato processing industry, a sector where the company has distinguished over the years for its innovative force.
Since 1957 the patent of the descending forced flow circulation evaporator called “Anteo” has been registered: a very innovative plant, allowing to process up to 300 tons of fresh tomato per day and to get products having a higher consistence in comparison with those ones obtainable before.

In a bit more than ten years, over 500 plants have been installed throughout the world, 50 of which in California: a great success for a small Italian Company, whose name becomes on international level synonym of innovation, reliability, seriousness.

Towards the end of sixties, the Company settled for diversifying its own activity in the agribusiness, by approaching the dairy field and realizing the “Stematic Long Run” for the UHT milk sterilization, a direct steam injection patented system which will be shortly adopted by important companies throughout the Europe.

The great success resulting from the new patented high-temperature sterilizing technologies allowed a simultaneous development of the vegetables conservation technologies in aseptic conditions.

In a matter of just a few very prolific years, in which the influence of the company grows throughout the world, the following plants were manufactured:

  • “Fredor” freeze-dryer; “Vesuvio” thermo-peeler;
  • “Califfo” evaporator, having forced flow technology on all three effects and a total capacity of 1.500 tons/day of fresh tomato;
  • Butterfly” refiner;
  • “Olimpic” sterilizers, mono-tube, tube chest or tube-in-tube type

At the beginning of the eighties, Rossi & Catelli focuses its major efforts on the enzyme deactivators for fruit and tomato, seeming an appropriate solution for important market needs actually still not fulfilled: more productivity, more reliable control of the processing parameters, less “fouling” of the heat exchangers. So a series of enzyme deactivators called “Eldorado” is realized.

The inlet product is practically instantaneously heated bringing the simultaneous deactivation of the enzymes, allowing to get more viscous products up to the limit of 0 Botswick degree.

In the 1983, the first aseptic filler “Macropak” was designed, suitable for big volumes. The absolutely most performing plant designed in over 60 years of activity is the continuous evaporator “Venus”,able to process from 2.400 t/d of inlet product (in single effect) up to 14.400 t/d, as per the combined plants at “Morning Star” in California, the biggest tomato concentration factory in the world, fully realized by Rossi & Catelli.

In the 2000 the new patented “Giubileo” is realized: designed in all details to guarantee the best performance and functionality, it is quite a symbol of the Rossi & Catelli know-how and, thanks to its own versatility, allows to process a wide range of fruits and vegetables treated with both Cold-Break and Hot-Break technology.

As to the concentration plants, the last study carried out has been called “Apollo”. It’s a falling film evaporator, using the principle of the vapours mechanical re-compression and can concentrate up to 100 t/h of inlet product (from 4,5 to 9-10 brix) evaporating up to 45 t/h of water. Because of its own characteristics, the “Apollo” evaporator represents nowadays the best technology to obtain a very high quality concentration of product both rich in fibre (i.e.: hot and cold break tomato juice or citrus juice) as well as clear products (i.e.: fruit juices, milk and dairy products), saving almost all outlet energy flows.

Today Rossi & Catelli is joint with Manzini in CFT: just one know-how, an experience grown in over 150 years of activity of two brands, leader of the Food Processing and ready to cover the always new market’s needs.