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The Tito Manzini & Sons, began his career in 1910, when Tito Manzini, along with four sons and a few workers, founded the company, with the aim to build the first industrial machines for the tomato processing industries, which were characterized by an original conception and that, for the first time in this sector, replacing many manual operations.

In the 30's he started his exports in various countries around the world, making the mark acquires Manzini significant importance in the international arena and in the early '50s, the Manzini launched on the world market, the first plants to continue to concentrate revolutionizing the traditional systems processing tomato.

In the following years Manzini greatly expanded the product range with new machines targeted to fruit processing and aseptic filling.

Almost one hundred years of constant technical progress, the continuous search for innovative technological solutions and experience of its staff, have taken the brand Manzini among the leaders in the design and construction of machines for the food industry.